TCO Toolkit goes to Grad School: Georgia State University

Sept 18 :  On the invite of leading B2B Marketing professor,   Dr Wesley Johnston,  of Georgia State,  the TCO Toolkit team was glad to present the TCO Toolkit  to his Masters level marketing class,  (which included folks getting their Masters in Marketing,  and some were getting their  MBA).    The class was at the GSU Buckhead campus,  and they have very impressive facilities in addition to top notch faculty….GSU truly is a program on the rise….look out Emory!   This was a great interactive session.   The TCO Toolkit team would like to do more of these kinda sessions,  and would welcome similar opportunities at other top MBA programs.  Because the TCO Toolkit is vendor neutral,  it can be used for,  and presented to both Supply Chain professionals for sourcing,  and Marketing.   Attached is our presentation. TCO_Toolkit @ GSUr2


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