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The TCO Toolkit is a valuable tool for any Facilities Manager

TCO Toolkit is honored to be an APPA Business Partner. We have been invited to present TCO at the APPA Conference: SRAPPA 2018

Working Title : The APPA TCO Standard: Overview, Application, & Real life Facilities Management / Capital Budgeting / RFQ examples

Over the past year, APPA has published a new standard on Total Cost of Ownership : APPA 1000-1 Total Cost of Ownership for Facilities Asset Management (TCO). It has also been adopted by ANSI.

What is it?

Why is it significant?

How does it help your educational organization?

TCO Tookit LLC, will cover in this presentation:

1. An overview of the new standard will be shared.

2. How to incorporate aspects of the APPA TCO standard into your:
• Facility Management / Asset Management planning
• Capex / Capital Budgeting / Capital Procurement cycles
• How can this drive economic value added, vs just procurement cost, into your RFQ process?

3. Walk you through a real life set of examples that support the APPA TCO Standard, of a simple TCO calculator tool that the City of Rock Hill sees as a valuable way to calculate TCO, and in the process justify its municipal and utility Asset Management Decisions to its city council.

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