1. Founding Beta Partner :  TCO Toolkit is currently signing up paid Founding Beta Partners,  who will receive custom Beta attention if they commit to the Founding Beta Partner Program.  In this program,

Your Organization Gets:  You will get a more custom tailored TCO Toolkit experience and end product.

  • 90 – 180 days of world class custom TCO Toolkit Beta attention…..This means we will tailor the tool to your needs to best extent.
  • Kickoff session (Face to Face or Webinar)
  • At least 3 1 hour Beta Webinar Sessions
  • Limited TCO Consulting
  • Discounted software fees during the Beta, Discounted fees for the year following completion of the Beta testing

Your Organization Gives:

  •  We’ll ask for a 90-180 day commitment of at least two registered users and their active participation in the Beta program.
  •  Signed Beta Agreement
  •  Discounted software fees during the Beta

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