The TCO Toolkit™ serves as a "how-to" kit for value based value propositions and pricing in a B2B context. The TCO Toolkit™  is for the business leader or sales manager that sells products to businesses (B2B) who wants to get a better return on their products by quantifying the value of their offering in the customers' terms (in terms of dollars)  to help offset/eliminate the need to provide price concessions in order to make a sale.

The TCO Toolkit™ provides better credibility (than creating your own TCO Tools) for you and your customers because it is an independent vendor neutral resource.  In addition to demonstrating higher value initially in the sales process, you and your customers can use it to “Keep score” on value performance based contracts.  This approach has also been proven to help with pricing strategies.

The TCO Toolkit™  is an independent, vendor neutral, "value calculator" used to document cost savings and incremental profit gains delivered to customers by target TCO Case Study products and services.  Going through the TCO Toolkit™ process can help make stronger value propositions, quantify value claims, construct business cases for change, tailor market offerings, and transform the sales force into "value merchants" as opposed to “price cutters“.

The TCO Toolkit approach is based off the founders’ experience implementing similar tools at Industrial B2B Fortune 500 companies,  with an installed base experience of hundreds of sales engineers, thousands of TCO Case Studies, and many millions of dollars of customer value delivered and documented, along with related sales.