Who wants on the TCO Rocket? RFI: TCO Toolkit wants to “Share the Love” with a Friends & Family Round to fuel added Growth

Hi All,

Who wants on the TCO Rocket?    TCO Toolkit wants to “Share the Love” and enable our Friends & Family to join in the fun of the TCO Toolkit SaaS startup experience.   We are issuing a RFI: Request for Interest among Accredited Investors in our Network,  with intent to raise $25k (with a likely additional $25-50K match from SCRA).

If you have been following the TCO Toolkit 2019 Spring Tour,  you can see there is a lot of market interest in TCO Toolkit…so much so that we need to accelerate our “Phase II” coding plans beyond our current staffing.  We are currently getting quotes for this outsourced coding work.  One potential way to fund the growth is via a “Friends and Family” investment round….likely to be matched by SCRA’s SC Launch.   TCO Toolkit is already part of the SC Launch network,  and we have already earned a $25k investment for Phase I.  Check out this link to our TCO Toolkit Executive Summary 0305web4 for background info.

Crowdsourcing:  Another potential way is via crowdsourcing.  The TCO Team is thinking we’d like to give our Friends and Family a 1st shot at this opportunity. So we are posting this RFI to understand demand.

Investing in a SaaS startup is not for the faint of heart,  it is high risk (with potential high reward) and we are seeking feedback from Accredited Investors. Check out this link to our recent 1MC_RTP_Pitch_Deck_TCO Toolkit 0305r1,  and of course our < 3 min Video TCO Toolkit Explainer for background.  We would like to gauge interest thru March,  and if we do offer it, close the Friends and Family Round by 04/30/2018.  Contact joe@tcotoolkit.com for details.

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