Oct 18: TCO Toolkit Invited to present @ 1 Million Cups Charleston

Oct 18: TCO Toolkit will be hitting its final stop on the 2017 1 Million Cups tour in Charleston, SC on Oct 18th.

Come on out and see why our approach to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) was highlighted in a B2B marketing article on Business Value in Harvard Business Review,  & won Plant Engineering Gold Product of the Year.

Check out our new SaaS tech….which enables 4X faster TCO case studies!   So you can source and sell based on objective value with this vendor neutral B2B TCO Calculator

We’ll be at the Harbor…..sharing alot in 6 minutes,  and answering the 20 min Q&A.


1MC takes place at The Harbor @ Pacific Box & Crate, located at 1505 King St Ext, Charleston SC 29405

We’re excited,  cause Charleston has a hot tech scene….hosting  http://digsouth.com/

And being the home of SCRA….where we are a Client Company: http://www.scra.org/companies/our-companies


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