August 9: TCO Toolkit invited to Present @ 1 Million Cups Greenville

TCO Toolkit is excited to present at 1 Million Cups Greenville!

Greenville, SC is where we all learned how to become TCO /  Value measurement experts and build world class software.

+ it is home to one of our key Advisers.

Great to be back!

1 Million Cups is an open weekly startup culture speaking event where organizers carefully cull applications….less than 1/2 typically get accepted.

Our mission:  Pitch, raise awareness….sign up Beta customers.  We have a couple slots open for paying Beta testers,  and that’s the “order” we will be asking for.

The Event is Aug 9 @ 8AM….Lasts for ~ hour….we have 1/2 of that..  Event is free to attend…hosts provide good coffee….  Looks like ~ 40 attendees already…..let’s Pack the House!

Register ahead via EventBrite:

Learn more about 1 Million Cups:


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