August 1: City of Rock Hill “Gets it”: Beta Testing Vendor Neutral TCO Calculator, TCO Toolkit

City of Rock Hill “Gets it”: Begins Beta Testing of Vendor Neutral TCO Calculator, TCO Toolkit

The City of Rock Hill is an award winning, progressive, well run municipality as demonstrated by some of the best public transparency metrics available today…which helps them run lean, be accountable, and provide the best service…. For this reason, the TCO Toolkit team is very excited that the City of Rock Hill sourcing group has selected TCO Toolkit as their vendor neutral Total Cost of Ownership / Value calculator partner. The paid beta test represents revenues into TCO Toolkit and will incorporate the insights of the City of Rock Hill Sourcing leaders on what matters most to progressive municipalities. Should the Beta test be a success per key metrics, the mutual intent is for long term adoption. This Beta test includes TCO Toolkit usage by Rock Hill Utilities, a municipally owned and operated combined utility system which provides electric, water and sewer serving approximately 95,000 people. Attached find one of the TCO case studies completed in the TCO Toolkit for standby electric power generation. Improvements to TCO Toolkit from Beta customer feedback are apparent…with the TCO Toolkit software growing from rev. version 0.1 to 0.3. How can you benefit from the TCO Toolkit? Beta test it today:

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